冀教版四年级上册英语Reading for fun – The Black Bike录音

The Black Bike黑色的自行车

Ann has a black bike.安有一辆黑色的自行车。
Look, it’s near the tree.看,它在树旁边。
Does Ann go to work by bike on Monday?星期一安骑自行车上班吗?
No.She goes to work by bus.不。她坐公共汽车上班。
The bus is fast.公共汽车很快。
The bike is slow.自行车很慢。
Does Ann go to work by bike on Tuesday? 星期二安骑自行车上班吗?
No.She goes to work by car on Tuesday.不。星期二她坐小汽车上班。
The car is fast.小汽车很快。
The bike is slow.自行车很慢。
Does Ann go to work by bike on Friday?星期五安骑自行车上班吗?
No. She goes to work by taxi on Friday. 不。她星期五坐出租车上班。
She doesn’t like the bike.她不喜欢自行车。
The taxi is fast.出租车很快。
The bike is slow.自行车很慢。
On Sunday, Ann goes to Beijing.星期天安去北京。
How does Ann go to Beijing?安如何去北京?
She goes to Beijing by plane.她乘飞机去北京。
The bike is sad.自行车很沮丧。
Beijing is far.北京很远。
I’ll go by plane.我要乘飞机去。
The bike can’t fly.自行车不会飞。
Ann doesn’t like me.安不喜欢我。
Today it is very hot.今天非常热。
There are many cars and buses on the street. 街道上有很多小汽车和公共汽车。
They go very, very slowly!它们开得非常非常慢。
Oh! So slow!哦!太慢了!
I’ll be late!我要迟到了!
And the sky isn’t blue.天空不再蔚蓝。
The air is dirty.空气很脏。
The trees and the flowers feel sick.树木和花草都感觉很不舒服。
Help! 救命!
Help! 救命!
I feel sick.我不舒服。
Me, too.我也是。
Riding bikes can help keep the air clean.骑自行车可以保护空气洁净。
Ann goes to work by bike today.安今天骑自行车上班了。
She is tired but happy.她很累却很高兴。
Do you go to work by bike today?今天你骑自行车去上班吗?
Yes,I like my bike now.是的,现在我喜欢我的自行车了。
The sky is happy.天空很高兴。
The tree is happy.树木很高兴。
The flowers are happy.花朵很高兴。
The black bike is happy.黑色的自行车很高兴。
Ann is happy, too.安也很高兴。
Thank you.谢谢你。
Ann, you’re good.你,你真好。
Thank you,Ann.谢谢你,安。
We like you and your bike.我们喜欢你和你的自行车。
My bike is good.我的自行车真好。

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