冀教版四年级上册英语Lesson 15录音

Unit 3 Let’s go 第三单元 让我们去
Lesson (13-19) 第(13——19课)
Lesson 15 In the City 第十五课在城市里

1 Where is the zoo?1 动物园在哪里?
Excuse me,can you help me?打扰一下,你能帮帮我吗?
I’m lost.我迷路了。
Where’s the zoo?动物园在哪里?
Go straight and turn left.直着走向左转。
There’s the zoo.动物园在那里。
You’re welcome!不客气!
go straight直着走
turn left向左转
turn right向右转
2 Let’s do it!2 我们做做吧!
Pair work.两人一组。
Point and talk.指一指图片并说一说。
Excuse me,where is the school?打扰一下,学校在哪里?
Go straight…直着走……
3 Let’s chant!3 我们来唱歌!
I’m lost. Oh no!
What do I do?
Can you help me find the zoo?
Yes, I can.
The zoo is near.
It’s not very far from here.
Go straight.
Turn left.
Can you see?
No, I can’t.
Please show me.
Now I see.
I know the way.
Thank you very much I say.

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