冀教版四年级上册英语Lesson 24录音

Unit 4 第四单元
Lessons 19-24 (第19——24课)
Shopping in the City在城市里购物
Lesson 24 Etta’s Teddy Bear 第二十四课 艾特的泰迪熊

Story time故事时间
Etta has a teddy bear.艾特有一只泰迪熊。
His name is Teddy.他的名字叫泰迪。
Teddy is her good friend.泰迪是她的好朋友。
Etta cannot find Teddy today.今天艾特找不到泰迪了。
Where is he?他在哪里?
She looks for him everywhere.她到处寻找他。
Etta cries.艾特哭了。
Her mother takes her to the toy shop.她妈妈带她去了玩具店。
Let’s buy a new teddy bear.我们买一只新的泰迪熊吧。
Etta does not like the new teddy bears there.艾特不喜欢那里的新的泰迪熊。
Let’s go to the clothes shop to buy a new skirt.我们去服装店买一条新裙子吧。
Etta likes the new skirt,but she still wants her teddy bear.艾特喜欢新裙子,但她还是想要她的泰迪熊。
Let’s go to the restaurant to have hamburgers and ice cream.我们去餐馆吃汉堡和冰淇淋吧。
Etta like hamburgers and ice cream.艾特喜欢汉堡和冰淇淋。
But she can’t forget her teddy bear.但是她忘不了她的泰迪熊。
It is time to go to bed.到了睡觉的时间了。
Then she sees…TEDDY!!!然后她看见了……泰迪!
How did you get in there?你怎么到这里来的?
Mum,here is my teddy bear!妈妈,我的泰迪熊在这里!
Etta is happy to find Teddy.艾特找到了泰迪很高兴。

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