冀教版五年级上册英语Lesson 6录音

UNIT 1 Lessons 1~6 My Family
第1单元 第1-6课 我的家庭
Unit 1 Again, please!

Part 1 Listen and circle
Number 1
I like to watch animals at the zoo.
Number 2
My father is tall and thin.
Number 3
My family likes to go for a walk.
Number 4
She works at the hospital.

Part 2 Listen,write and match.
Name: Li Lin Age:11
Hair: short Eyes: black
Name: Kim Age:10
Hair: long Eyes: bronw
Name: Wang Hong Age:10
Hair: black Eyes: small
Name: Mary Age:9
Hair: red Eyes:big

Part 3 Read and write
1.My father has black hair.
2.Bob is Jenny’s brother.
3.Dachao is my uncle.
4.Lynn is Jenny’s sister.
5.My grandfather has white hair.
6.Wanrong is my aunt.
Fill in the blanks with the letters from the boxes above.
What is the new word? It’s cousin.

Part 4 Look and write
I like to play basketball, plant vegetables, go fishing and watch TV.
My friend likes to watch a film, play on the computer, go fishing and watch TV.
We like to go fishing and watch TV.

Part 5 Look and write
John likes to plant flowers. He likes to read books.
Betty likes to listen to the music. She likes to water flowers.
Li Tao likes to cook. He likes to go for a walk.

Part 6
1.Read and tick
a. What does Susan’s father do?
√He is a teacher. He is a doctor.
b. Who works on a farm?
Susan’s father. √Susan’s grandfather.
c. What does Joe look like?
He is short and thin. √He is tall and thin.
d. Who is Jeff?
√He is Susan’s cousin. He is Susan’s uncle.
2. Make Susan’s family tree.
Me Cousin
Susan Jeff
Father Mother Uncle Aunt
Mike Rose Joe Mary
Grandmother Grandfather
Sarah Tom

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