Lesson 1 May I speak to Mary?
Lesson 1 words 单词
Lesson 1 课文

Lesson 2 We mustn’t cross the street now.
Lesson 2 words 单词
Lesson 2 课文

Lesson 3 How many pupils are there?
Lesson 3 words 单词
Lesson 3 课文

Lesson 4 Where do you live?
Lesson 4 words 单词
Lesson 4 课文

Lesson 5 What do you do?
Lesson 5 words 单词
Lesson 5 课文

Lesson 6 Revision

Lesson 7 It’s seven thirty-five
Lesson 8 What day is it today?
Lesson 9 Do you always have lunch at twelve?
Lesson 10 Does she always come before six thirty?
Lesson 11 When do you usually get up?
Lesson 12 Revision

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