.Unit 5 Our school life
Topic 1 I usually come to shool by subway.
Topic 2 A few students are running around the playground.
Topic 3 My school life is very interesting.
Review of Unit 5
.Unit 6 Our local area
Topic 1 Is there a computer in your study?
Topic 2 My home is in an apartment building.
Topic 3 Which is the way to the hospital?
Review of Units 5-6
.Unit 7 The birthday party
Topic 1 When is your birthday?
Topic 2 I can dance and play the guitar.
Topic 3 Everyone had a good time.
Review of Unit 7
.Unit 8 The seasons and the weather
Topic 1 How is the weather in winter?
Topic 2 The summer holidays are coming.
Topic 3 Let’s celebrate!

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