.Unit 5 Feeling excited
Topic 1 I’m so happy.
Topic 2 I’m feeling better now.
Topic 3 Many things can affect our feelings.
Review of Unit 5
.Unit 6 Enjoying cycling
Topic 1 I have some exciting news to tell you.
Topic 2 How about exploring Tian’anmen Square?
Topic 3 Bicycle riding is good exercise.
Review of Units 5—6
.Unit 7 Food festival
Topic 1 We’re preparing for a food festival.
Topic 2 I’m not sure whether I can cook it well.
Topic 3 The food festival is now open!
Review of Unit 7
.Unit 8 Our clothes
Topic 1 We shall have a class fashion show.
Topic 2 We can design our own uniforms.
Topic 3 He said the fashion show was wonderful.
Review of Units 7—8

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