BBC news 2019-03-26

BBC news with Maria Marshal.

Members of parliament in Britain have voted to take control of business in the house commons on Wednesday in an unprecedented move to try to find a way forward on Brexit. A deal agreed between Prime Minister Theresa May and EU has twice been rejected by parliament, prompting the process into chaos. MPs will now get a chance to vote on a series of alternative forms of Brexit.

Donald Trump has signed a decree recognizing the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory, reversing decades of U.S policy. The area was captured from Syria during the 1967 war. Syria described Mr. Trump’s action as a blatant attack on its sovereignty.

Venezuela’s government has blamed sabotage by the U.S-back opposition for the second major power cut to hit the country this month . The capital Caracas and many other parts of Venezuela remained without power for hours.

Thousands of people in the Brazilian town of Barao de Cocais have taken up in an evacuation drill to prepare for the possible collapse in a local mining dam, which has been declared unsafe. Residents expressed anger and fear.

Flash floods in the Iranian city of Shiraz have killed at least 19 people. Video on social media showed a muddy brown torrent surging on what has been a main road, with people clinging to the top of cars.

Dozens of journalists marched in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to demand an end to increased restrictions on press freedom. The organizers of the march say 90 journalists have been detained since anti-government protests began in December.

The Mexican president sent a letter to the Spanish king and Pope Francis, urging them to apologize for human rights abuses committed during the conquest to the region 500 years ago. The Spanish government rejected the demands for an apology.

BBC news.

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