BBC news 2019-04-20

BBC news with Tom Watt.

A couple from the U.S state of California have been sentenced to life in jail for starving and torturing 12 of their children. The sons and daughters of David and Louise Turpin endured years of abuse at their home. Some were found shackled to furniture.

President Trump has praised the Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar whose forces are trying to seize the capital Tripoli from Libya’s U.N-backed and internationally recognized government. The White House said that in a phone call the two men discussed a shared vision for Libya’s future.

Top democrats in the U.S congress have rejected a proposal by the attorney general William Barr to allow the access to a version of the Muller report, that’s less redacted than the version published on Thursday. Earlier, the house judiciary committee issued a subpoena demanding release of the full report.

The leader of mass protests in Sudan said they intend to name the members of a new civilian government on Sunday. Correspondents say the move seems to desire to increase pressure on the military council running the country after last week’s coup.

The two candidates in Sunday’s presidential election in Ukraine have traded insults during a debate in Kiev’s Olympic stadium. President Petro Poroshenko stressed his credential as an experience politician, compared with his opponent the comedian Volodymyr Zelensky.

The body of the former president of Peru Alan Garcia has been cremated at a private ceremony in the capital Lima. His family rejected the government’s offer of a state funeral. Mr. Garcia killed himself on Wednesday as police arrived at his home to arrest him over corruption allegations.

The authorities in Montenegro say they have seized 10 kilograms of drugs that were hidden aboard a naval sailing ship. Military police searched the sailing ship Jadran early on Friday after receiving a tip-off. It didn’t say what kind of drugs have been found.

BBC news.

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