BBC news 2019-04-23

BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

Washington has announced it will not extend sanction waivers for countries buy oil from Iran . The secretary of state Mike Pompeo said it will be no grace period when the existing waivers end on May,1st. China and India are the biggest importers of the Iranian oil.

The United States is offering a reward up to 10 million dollars for information that could disrupt the financing of the Lebanese shiite movement Hezbollah. The announcement comes after Washington voices concern about Hezbollah’s growing role in the Lebanese government and its regional influence.

There is growing riot in Sri Lanka over a failure of communication that lead up to Sunday’s devastating bomb attacks. A spokesman said because of a festering row within the government, the prime minister has long been excluded from intelligence briefings. The government has blamed the local Islamic extremists group, the national Thowheeth Jama’ath for the suicide bomb attacks that killed nearly 300 people.

Ten of millions of dollars intended for the reconstruction of the Iraqi city Mosul has been embezzled by local officials. An anti-corruption commission in Iraq says more than 40 million dollars were stolen from funds set aside to rebuild Mosul, which for three years was under the rule of Islamic state militants.

Samsung has postponed the launch of its latest smart phone, the Galaxy fold. The phone is designed to fold in half. But early reviewers found the screen broke after just few days of use.

Almost 1700 people have been evacuated from homes in the Canadian province of Quebec, when melting snow and heavy rain have caused widespread flooding. Many rivers in the area are closed bursting their banks. And military has been called in to help stack sandbags.

The Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz has demanded his junior coalition partner, the far-right Austrian freedom party distances itself from a poem written by its party official Christian Schilcher. Mr.Kurz said poem as the city rat, was disgusting and deeply racist. It talks how migrants must adapt the local way of life or hurry away.

BBC news.

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