BBC news 2019-04-24

BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

The Sri Lankan president has promised major changes to military and security service after Sunday’s suicide bombings. He also said he will take action against those who didn’t share warnings about the attacks. Earlier, the prime minister lives were lost because the information wasn’t passed on to the government.

The U.N security council has approved the watered-down resolution, condemning the sexual violence in conflicts. Reference to survivors access reproductive health were dropped because the Trump administration stance on abortion.

The Egyptian authorities say plans to extend president Sisi’s time in office has been passed with an overwhelming majority in a referendum. They could allow him to remain in president until 2030.

North Korean state media say the country’s leader Kim Jong un has left Pyongyang for his summit in Russia with president Putin. He is traveling by train to the city of Vladivostok.

A congressional deadline for the U.S financial authorities to hand over president Trump’s tax returns has not been met. The democratic chairman of the committee involved Richard Neal has demanded the president’s tax returns for the past 6 years should be submitted. But non-compliance has been widely expected because Mr.Trump has always refused to submit the documents.

A Nicaraguan bishop who’s criticized the government’s crackdown on opposition protests has left the country. Silvio Baez has received death threats and been assaulted by pro-government paramilitaries.

The Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has urged the United States to stem the flows of central American migrants with southern border by investing in the region. He said the problems should be tackled with development and job creation.

37 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia, accused of forming terrorist cells and carrying out attacks against security forces. All were Saudi citizens and most of them reportedly members of Shiite minority.

More than 30 people are known to be killed in floods that hit southern African city of Durban. A number of people are still missing and rescue operations are continuing.

BBC news.

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