BBC news 2019-04-27

BBC News with Johnathan Izard.

President Trump has urged all Americans to be immunized against measles. The disease was eliminated from the United States two decades ago, but have been nearly 700 confirmed cases so far this year. Mr.Trump’s comments contrast markedly with previous public statements, in which he suggested vaccine will be responsible for autism.

Donald Trump has said he will withdraw the U.S from the international arm’s trade treaty. The treaty was signed by Barack Obama, aimed to regulate the international sale of conventional weapons . The American national rifle association described it as a threat to the right of U.S citizen to bear arms.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s foreign minister Jorge Arreaza and a senior Venezuelan judge has also been sanctioned. The U.S treasury said it will continue to target what it called corrupt officials, including those conducting diplomacy for president Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Semi-naked activists in Spain have disrupted the final rally of a resurgent far-right party ahead of parliamentary elections on Sunday. During the VOX party campaign event, women ran on stages, displaying anti-fascist slogan on their breasts.

Britain and the Irish government have announced new attempt to restore a power sharing government in Northern Ireland. The decision has been prompted by the reaction to the murder of a journalist Lyra McKee.

The world meteorology organization has said it’s unprecedented for two cyclones in such intensity to hit Mozambique in the same season. There are concerns that thousands may be trapped in remote villages.

Russia has said the imprisonment in the U.S of Russian citizens accused conspiring to influence government’s policy was based on politically motivated allegations. Maria Butina has pleaded in December to acting as an unregistered foreign agent in the U.S, but denied acting as a spy.

European football’s governing body UEFA has ordered Montenegro to play its next competitive home match in an empty stadium, due to the racist behavior of fans during a game against England last month.

BBC news.

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