BBC news 2019-05-01

BBC news with Gareth Barlow.

Crowds of Venezuelans have taken to the streets following an appeal by the opposition leader Juan Guaidó for a final push that toppled President Nicolas Maduro. In Caracas, there were clashes between demonstrators and security forces. Outside the military base where Mr Guaidó accompanied by soldiers made announcement. Venezuela’s military head general Vladimir Padrino said he remained loyal to Mr. Maduro. The United States says the actions of the Venezuela opposition were “not done out of the blue,” but following negotiations with senior officials in Nicolas Maduro’s government on how to restore democracy. But the U.S. envoy Elliott Abrams said it did not appear to be following through.

President Trump has agreed with two senior Democrats in the United States to spend two trillion dollars on improving the country’s infrastructure including power grid and broad band internet access. House speaker Nancy Pelosi described it as a bold plan.

A non-governmental organization in Zimbabwe has started exhuming the remains of some 20,000 people killed in a government massacre while Robert Mugabe was president, most from the Ndebele group.

The United States has called on Russia and Syrian government to return to a de-escalation of the violence in northwestern Syria after airstrikes on rebel areas intensified. Syrian activists say it’s the most intense offensive since last October.

The Estonian Trade Minister has resigned just one day after the new government took office. Marti Kuusik has been facing allegations of domestic abuse. He denies the accusations.

The French historical magazine École Nationale says the fire alarm system at the Notre-Dame Cathedral was insufficient and manned by only one inexperienced person on the day of blaze destroyed part of the historical building. The company operating the system says its employees didn’t make any mistakes on the day of the fire.

BBC News.

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