BBC news 2019-05-13

BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

An attack on a Roman Catholic church in Burkina Faso has left 6 people died including a priest. The government condemned it as a barbaric act which aimed to divide the population. Witness said several gunmen brust into the church in the northern town of Dablo during Mass.

United Nation’s monitors said withdrawal by Houthi rebels from three key ports in Yemen is going according to the plan, hope the pullout will make it easier for aids to be delivered.

United Arab Emirate says 4 commercial vessels were targeted what it called sabotage operations near its territorial waters. A Foreign ministry statement said no body was hurt but gave no details of what form the sabotage took.

One of those top Trump’s economic advisers Larry Kudlow have acknowledged that the president has been wrong to assert the U.S tariff on imports from China are paid by Beijing. Asks whether it impact American business and consumers largely footed the bill, Mr. Kudlow said he didn’t disagree.

Pakistan has reached a preliminary agreement with the international monetary fund on the 6 billion dollars bailout after months of negotiations. The IMF said Islamabad recognized the need to address problems including inflation and high-levels of debt.

The German pharmaceutical giant Bayer has appointed independent lawyers to investigate reports that its U.S subsidiary Monsanto complied a dossier on 200 influential French people without gaining their consent. The file was putting together when the European union was considering a renewal of the license for Monsanto’s best selling weedkiller roundup. A world’s health organization agency has said the main ingredient Glyphosate may cause cancer.

And the spy action TV series “Killing Eve” has been the biggest winner of the annual British academy of film and television arts awards in London. “Killing Eve” won three BAFTAs including the best drama series, while Jodie Comer was named best leading actress for her role as the assassin Villanelle.

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