BBC news 2019-05-14

BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

In an effort to halt an outbreak of anti-Muslim violence, the Sri Lankan government has imposed a night-time curfew across whole of the country. The attacks come just weeks after suicide attacks on Easter Sunday killed more than 250 people. The government insists all possible measures are being taken to prevent a backlash against Muslims.

US stock markets have plummeted with the Dow Jones falling by 2.4% during the day after China announced it would increase tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods. President Trump said he expected to discuss the trade dispute with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at next month’s G20 summit in Japan.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has encountered further EU resistance to Donald Trump’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal. In an unscheduled stop in Brussels on his way to Russia, Mr. Pompeo held talks with his counterparts from Britain, France and Germany.

Mr. Trump has welcomed Hungary’s nationalist, anti-immigrant prime minister Viktor Orban to the White House. He said Mr. Orban was doing a tremendous job. Human rights campaigners have criticized Mr. Trump’s decision to grant the Hungarian leader a private meeting.

The chief prosecutor in Sudan says the former president Omar al-Bashir has, along with others, been charged with the killing of protesters. Mr. al-Bashir was overthrown after months of mass demonstrations during which dozens of people were shot dead by security forces.

The veteran Palestinian negotiator says the United States has rejected her application for a visa. She said she wasn’t told while her request was denied.

A disciplinary hearing has begun for the New York police officer who put an unarmed black man in a choke hold before he died. It’s taken five years for the case against Danial who’s white to be heard.

An American explorer has achieved the world’s deepest ever underwater dive in a submersible only to find plastic waste on the seafloor. Victor Vescovo descended nearly 11km into the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana trench and spent four hours exploring the depth.

BBC news.

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