BBC news 2019-05-16

BBC news with Kris Barrow.

Houthis rebels in Yemen have rejected claims linking their attacks on a Saudi pipeline to increase tension between Washington and Tehran. One of their leaders told the BBC that Iran which backs the Houthis has nothing to do with the attack, which she said was carried out with locally made drones. The UN envoy for Yemen has meanwhile warned the country could still see a return to in all out conflicts despite some recent progress.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook have announced an action plan to combat violent extremist content online following a summit in France. The measure includes making it easier for users to flag terrorists or violent content and sharing technology to identify cooperates.

Bosnia’s current head of State faces criminal charges filed by another member of the country’s three-person presidency. Milorad Dodik had suggested that members of mainly serve army regiment should wear the uniforms of the Bosnian in-serve army from the war of the early 90s.

Security forces in the Sundanese Capital Khatumo have fired on pro-democracy protesters nearly the military’s headquarters. There were reports of one death and several injuries but the thousands of demonstrators have not been dispersed.

University students and teachers in Brazil have gone on strike to protest against government cuts. There have also been demonstrations against the measures that target research and administrative budgets. President Jair Bolsonaro said the cuts were needed and the protesters were idiots.

Chancellor Merkel has called on Europe to stand up to the challenges posed by China, Russia and the United States. The German leader said the three had forced the EU to find common positions even on difficult issues.

A Chinese lunar rover has found evidence that an ancient asteroid embarked through rocks from deep in the moon onto its surface. The creation was so powerful that it drove the asteroid through the moon’s outer crust to the mantle, more than 60 kilometres deep.

BBC news.

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