BBC news 2019-05-17

BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

President Trump has outlined plans to toughen border security and refocus the U.S. immigration system. He said younger, better-educated English-speaking workers who already have job offers in the United States should make up more than half of all legal immigrants. Democrats said the proposals failed to address key issues and did not offer a route to citizenship for those brought to the U.S. children who have no legal right to remain.

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced that it completed its computer software update on its 737-Max model which was involved in two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The model has subsequently been grounded.

The U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said restrictions on the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei’s access to American market will come into force on Friday. Mr. Ross stressed that his department’s ruling was not the start of any negotiations.

The Venezuelan government and the opposition have confirmed that they sent delegations to talks being held in Norway to try to resolve the country’s economic and political crisis. The opposition leader Juan Guaido said Norway was attempting to mediate but denied the discussions had already begun.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated that she will step down within months. Speaking to Conservative MPs, she said she would resign whatever the outcome of next vote on her Brexit deal.

The U.S. state of Missouri is the latest to take steps towards restricting access to abortion. Missouri’s Republican-led Senate passed a bill to ban nearly all terminations in the state after eight weeks of pregnancy including cases of rape or incest.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will soon begin testing sick and dead pigs for African swine fever. The disease has killed tens of thousands of animals in east Asia.

A court in Brussels has ordered the former Belgium king Albert to pay daily fines until he takes a DNA test to resolve a paternity dispute. He must provide a saliva sample in the next three months or risks being presumed to be the father of a love child.

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