BBC news 2019-05-18

BBC News with Julie Candela.

The US and Canada have dropped out aluminum and steel tariffs that were imposed just under a year ago. The import duties had been delaying the ratification of a new trade agreement between the countries and Mexico, which is yet to strike a deal on the tariffs. The Canadian prime minister described the decision as terrific.

The UN says there’s been increasing attacks on medical facilities in the Syrian province of Idlib, following renewed fighting between government and opposition forces. It said there had been 20 such attacks since the end of last month.

Syrian state media say government air defenses have intercept projectiles coming from Israel and downed a number of them. Earlier reports said spoken of loud explosions been heard around the capital Damasscus.

The House of Representatives in the US state of Missouri has approved a bill that would ban most abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. Under the proposals, doctors performing terminations would face up to 15 years in jail. The bill will still need to be approved by the state governor.

Germany is planning to pay compensation to victims of sexual abuse and torture at a German religious commune in Chile. It was setup and run like a cult by a former Nazi officier who fled Germany after being accused of child sex abuse.

Crowds of supporters have gathered outside a jail in the Columbian capital Bogotá, after delays in the release of a former folk rebel leader. A special court ruled 2 days ago that HS should be freed. His lawyers said he had been injured inside the jail.

Brazil’s environment minister says he will overhaul projects supported by the Amazon fund financed by Norway and Germany. Ricardo Salles said some of the projects, which aimed to reduced deforestation, had failed to explain how they used the fund’s money.

BBC news.

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