BBC news 2019-05-22

BBC news.

There has been a negative response to a speech by the British prime minister Theresa May on Brexit. She offered members of parliament what she call one last chance to deliver Brexit by approving her EU withdraw deal. Mrs.May presented a series of concessions, including giving MP’s the chance to vote whether there should be a referendum to approve the deal.

Abortion rights activists have taken part in coordinated rallies across the United States to protest against several states passing tough laws to restrict terminations. The senate minority leader Chard Schumer told the crowd that outside the Supreme Court in Washington that Republican control states were waging a war against women’s rights.

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson says it has been ordered to pay at least 25 million dollars to a woman alleges that she got cancer through the use of the company’s talc based products. Johnson & Johnson faces more than 14,000 such claims. The company says its products are safe.

Argentina’s former president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner has appealed in court at the start of a corruption trial. Miss. Fernandez is accused of taking bribe from construction firm in exchange for inflated government contracts. She said the cases are politically motivated.

Two far-right groups in Hungary have demonstrated against Roma people in a town in the center of the country. The several hundred protesters were not allowed to march through the Roma part of town. Romas gather in their neighborhood to defend their homes against possible attacks.

For the first time a author from the gulf has won the Man Booker international prize. Jokha Alharthi from Oman won the award for a novel Celestial Bodies. The Man Booker international prize celebrate translated fictions from around the world. The 64,000 dollar prize are shared between author and translator.

BBC news.

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