BBC news 2019-05-23

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Pressure has been intensified for the British Prime Minister Theresa May to step down following the resignation of a key cabinet minister. Andre L, who is a prominent campaigner for Brexit, has announced that he’s leaving the government because she no longer believed in its withdraw plan. Several other cabinet ministers have told the BBC that the prime minister can not stay on.

Tensions between president Trump and opposition Democrats have been intensified after the House speaker accused the president of a cover-up that could constitute an impeachable offence. Nancy P. said the president was obstructing justice by inpending investigations into Russian interference in the last presidential election. Mr.Trump said Democrat could not investigate and legislate at the same time.

Scientists say they have pinpointed the main sources of mysterious increase in the chemical-led destroy ozone in the atmosphere. CFC11 was supposed to have been phased out by 2010. The increase was traced to isolation foam being made in eastern China.

Briton has suffered a major diplomatic defeat in the United Nation’s general assembly where delegates were overwhelmingly support to resolution, demanding that it ceased control of the chagos islands to Mauritius. It follows an advisory by the international court of justice that Briton illegally splited the island form Mauritius in the 1960s.

World’s football governing body FIFA has scrapped plan to expand the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from 32 to 48 teams. In the statement , FIFA said there was not enough time to make the necessary changes.

The US sportswear giant Nike is withdrawing a new version of its classic Air Force One shoe after objections from indigenous group in Panama. The limited edition model was described as a tribute of Puerto Rico, but a ? community of Panama said they have used their traditional MOLA pattern

BBC news.

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