BBC news 2019-05-24

BBC news with Danielle Yalovetzky.

The US Justice Department has unveiled 17 new charges against the Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange. Mr.Assange was first charged last month over his alleged role in publishing hundreds of thousands of US military documents in 2010. In a new and much wider indictment, he is now accused of violating the US espionage act and helping the former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to steal secret files.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led his party to a resounding victory in the general election, the first leader to win a consecutive majority for a single party since the 1970s. Mr. Modi told supporters it was a big victory of democracy.

The World Health Organisation has backed measures aimed at combating antimicrobial resistance, the process by which antibiotics and other treatments lose their effectiveness. The measures include strict guidelines on the use of existing antibiotics and more control of their use in agriculture. A recent UN study described antibiotics resistance as a global crisis.

International air regulators are meeting in Texas to discuss the return of the Boeing 737 Max airliner to service. The plane was grounded in March after almost 350 people died in two crashes.

The head of a Chicago based Bank has been charged with bribery after he approved a high risk multi-million loan to Donald Trump’s former election campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the hope of getting a cabinet appointment. Stephen Calk, the chairman of Federal Savings Bank emailed Mr.Manafort, detailing his preferred positions.

12 Argentine police officers have been suspended following the death of 4 young people during a car chase in Buenos Aires province. Officers fired on the vehicle after it failed to stop on their orders in a rural town of San Miguel del Monte, causing it to crash. Prosecutors say the use of firearms was in no way justified.

BBC news.

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