BBC news 2019-05-29

BBC news with Julie Candler.

A landmark trial linked to the opioid epidemic that’s killing nearly 1000 Americans in each week has begun in Oklahoma. State authorities are suing the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, accusing it deceit in its marketing of highly addicted pain killers. The company denies wrongdoing. About 2000 lawsuits have been brought against opioid manufacturers by states, cities and native American territories.

The U.S supreme court has sidestepped an appeal case that is thought to reinstate a state of abortion law in the state of Indiana. The law signed by vice president Mike Pence could have prohibited all abortions carried out on the basis of fiddle characteristics, including gender and disability.

Difference has emerged between France and Germany over the selection of the new president of the European commission after the selection last week shifted the political balance in the block’s parliament. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants fellow German Manfred Weber in the role but the French president Emmanuel Marcon has not even mentioned him as a possible candidate.

Senior U.N officials have warned that a humanitarian catastrophe’s developing in northwest of Syria, where millions people are threatened by fierce fighting. Ursula Mueller and Lowcock have urged the U.N security council to protect civilians in the region.

Police has carried out a number of raids in the mainly ethnic Serb areas of northern Kosovo. Among those arrested were 19 police officers and two U.N employees. The police said there were suspected smuggling, organized crime, taking bribes or abuse of power.

Residents in northwest Nigeria say dozens gunmen on motorbikes have killed 20 people in raids on two villages in Zamfara states. It’s understood the attacks were in retaliation for the recent killing of wife and son of a well-known bandit by local self-defense militia.

BBC news.

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