BBC news 2019-05-30

BBC news with Joe Macintosh.

Within the past half hour Israeli MPs have voted to dissolve parliament after deadline for the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government past without agreement. The decision paved the way for snap election in September. It will be the second national poll this year, an unprecedented event in Israeli politics.

The US special counselor Robert Muller has broken his silence on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. He declined to clear president Trump of obstruction of justice, saying if he’d been confident Mr. Trump hadn’t committed to crime, he had said so. President Trump tweeted that the case against him was closed.

A panel commission to by the UN human rights council says Spain must immediately release 3 Catalan separatists on trial for their part in an independent drive in 2017. Similar previous findings have gone unheeded.

The South African runner Caster Semenya has appealed to Switzerland’s highest court, challenging a ruling that she must take testosterone blockers in order to compete. Sports dispute body upheld IAAF decision requiring female middle-distance athletes with naturally high testosterone levels to take medication to reduce them.

Bosnia and Herzeovina’s security minister has joined protesters who demanding the resignation of the panel which oversees the country’s judicial system. A video emerged which appears to show the panel’s president negotiating a bribe which she denies.

A new study suggests climate change may have played a role in the death of thousands of tufted puffins in the US state of Alaska. Researchers say it is because the fish the birds feed-on migrated north due to rising sea temperature.

And in football Chelsea has become the Europe League champions for the second time. They beat Arsenal 4-1 in the final in Baku.

BBC news.

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