BBC news 2019-06-04

I’m Debbie Russ with BBC news.

At least 30 people are now said to have been killed in Sudan when security forces open fire on pro-democracy demonstrators in the capital Khartoum on Monday. State media is reporting that Sudan’s public prosecutor has set up a committee to investigate.

President Trump has said that as a sign of a good phase, Mexico should immediately stop the illegal flow of drugs and migrants through its border with the United States. Last week, Mr.Trump threatened to impose tariffs up to 25% on all Mexican imports , unless the authorities there addressed illegal migration.

The international criminal court has been urged to prosecute the European Union for crimes against humanity towards migrants in the Mediterranean sea. A group of international lawyers alleged that the EU sacrifices the life of migrants to dissuade others from trying to come to Europe.

A Swiss court has ruled that the South African athlete Caster Semenya is not obliged to take testosterone reducing medication. The Swiss federal supreme court suspended the ruling by the governing body of athletics, which restricted testosterone levels in female runners.

President Trump has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, that’s embodying the spirit of dignity and duty of the British people during the state banquet in his honor at Buckingham Palace. Several disapproving politicians are snubbing the banquet.

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has given an ultimatum to the 2 governing parties, stop scrambling and honor the government’s commitments or he’ll resign. Mr.Conte has the fractious, populist coalition between the league and the 5-star movement.

A French bishop has expressed shock that a renegade priest from his diocese was filmed leading a football style chant against president Emmanuel Macron at Sunday mass. The bishop * said the chant corrupted the mission of the church in a sacred place.

BBC news.

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