BBC news 2019-06-06

BBC News with Jonathon Izard.

A Sudanese paramilitary commander whose forces were accused of killing more than 100 protesters has said the country must not be allowed to slip into chaos. Muhammad Hamade G., who’s the deputy chief of Sundan’s ruling military council, appeared to defend the crackdown even as the council leader called for a resumption of dialogue with the opposition.

The man who led a military coup in Thailand 5 years ago has been elected as the country’s civilian prime minister. Retired general Prayuth Chan-ocha was chosen in a vote by parliament. But opposition said the vote was rigged, the entire senate was handpicked by the military government.

The US vice-president Mike Pence is meeting the Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard to discuss president Trump’s threat to introduce commencial sanctions on Mexican goods. Mr.Trump said last week that he would impose a 5% tariff on Mexican imports unless the government there stop immediately the flow of illegal drugs and migrants reaching the US border.

The Mexican authorities have dismantled 3 synthetic drugs laboratories in the northern state of S. and seized morphine amphetamine worth about 116 million dollars. The state government said it was the biggest blow to mass trafficking this year.

Security forces in Liberia has clashed with protesters ahead of a major anti-government demonstration plan for Friday. Police in the capital Monrovia used tear gas to disperse crowd following the arrest of an oppositon politician involved in organizing the protest. The oppositon want the government of George Weah to tackle corruption and Liberia’s economic crisis.

The arm forces of Malta have rescued nearly 400 migrants from boats in Mediterranean. There were many women and children among those picked up in 4 separate operations.

The Tunisian football team Esperance has been ordered to hand back the The African Champion’s League trophy that rewarded last week. The African football federation said they must repaly the second leg of the final which was abandoned after their opponents the Moroccan side without Casablanca walked off in a row over video technology. The replay will take place at a neutual venue at the end of July.

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