BBC news 2019-06-08

BBC news with Julie Chandler.

The American space agency NASA says from next year, tourists will be allowed to visit the international space agency, after two private astronaut missions will be permitted each year. The private company SpaceX and Boeing will ferry the tourists into orbit, with round-trip costing about 15 million dollars.

The Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has called for a quick transition to democracy in Sudan, after holding talks with both the country’s military rulers and protest leaders. The demonstrators say they will accept Mr.Ahmed’s mediator under certain conditions. The negotiations have broken down after a Sudanese pro-military group killed dozens protesters.

Israel has begun working with Arab countries to try to save coral reef in the red sea. A study center in Switzerland will bring together the scientists from Israel and countries don’t recognize it, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen, as well as Jordan and Egypt which do.

A former police officer in the U.S state of Minnesota has been sentenced to 12.5 years in jail for killing an unarmed Australian woman. Mohammad Noor shot Justin Ruszczyk Damond in 2017 as she approached his patrol car. He said he thought he was being ambushed.

The U.S economy created about 75,000 jobs last month, far fewer than analysts have forecasted. Many now expect the federal reserve to cut interest rates.

Prosecutors in the U.S have charged the man with illegally acquiring firearms as part of a plan to attack Time Square. They said Ashiqul Alam, a Bangladesh citizen now permanently resident in the U.S, bought two guns without series numbers from undercovered law enforcement officers.

The women’s football world cup is underway. The host France are playing South Korea in the opening march in Paris. France are currently leading 1:0. 2014 are taking part in the tournament.

BBC news.

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