BBC news 2019-06-09

BBC news with Rosemary Crick.

Britain’s former foreign secretary Boris Johnson says that if he becomes the prime minister, he will refuse to pay the country’s divorce bill to leave the European union. Mr.Johnson who is the favorite to win the country’s conservative party’s leadership election which starts this week, said the money, roughly $50 billion, will be withheld unless the E.U improve the terms of Brexit.

A court in Russia has charged the respected investigative journalist Ivan Golunov with drug dealing and put him under house arrest. Mr.Golunov lawyer said the charges were fabricated and intended to silence his client, who has written about corrupt practice in Moscow.

The President of Albania has canceled the local elections due at the end of this month following the recent and a series of street protests by opposition supporters. After police have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital Tirane, president Ilir Meta said the current situation was critical and the free and fair elections could not be held.

A Sudanese opposition has called for a nationwide campaign of disobedience starting on Monday and continuing until a civil government is installed. The announcement by the Sudanese professional association follows a tumultuous week, in which more than a hundred pro-democracy activists are believed to have been killed by the security forces.

The main opposition party in Cameroon said security forces overrun parts of the capital Yaounde to prevent the protest march on Saturday. The party of the MRC had planned the demonstration to demand the release of its leader, Maurice Kamto. He was jailed by a military tribunal in February.

And president of Gabon Ali Bongo has called on his prime minister to form a new government. In his first televised speech since he returned home after spending several months recovering from a stroke in Morocco, Mr.Bongo said the new administration should be exemplary, honest and ethical.

BBC news.

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