BBC news 2019-06-10

BBC news.


Two major American companies, the weapon’s manufacturer Raytheon and the aeronautic equipment maker United Technologies have agreed to merge their aerospace business. The move will create an enterprise with the market value of 138 billion dollars.

Exit polls from the presidential election in Kazakhstan indicated a clear victory for the interim president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. who has predicted to take more than 70% of the votes. The poll has been denounced as shame by the opposition activists.

Doctors in Sudan linked to anti-government demonstrators say at least three people have been killed during a day of civil disobedience in the capital Khartoum. The central committee for Sundanese doctors blamed the ruling military council and paramilitary forces for the death.

The foreign minister of Qatar has said his country along with others is trying to broker talks between Iran and the U.S. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum called for great effort to open the door to dialogue, saying it can’t last forever for this. President Trump has said he wants talks with Iran’s president. But Tehran says that can’t happen while the U.S continues to impose sanctions.

The lawyer representing a woman who alleges the Brazilian striker Neymar sexually assaulted her says he is considering withdrawing from the case unless his client can provider her evidence. Neymar has denied the sexual assault.

BBC news.

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