BBC news 2019-06-11

BBC news.

A key democrat-led congressional panel says it’s reached a deal with the U.S justice department to review some background evidence from the investigation into Russian election interference. The Muller probe cleared Donald Trump’s campaign of colluding with the Kremlin, but didn’t conclude whether he might obstruct the justice. The attorney general said no obstruction took place.

In Britain, 10 members of the parliamentary conservative party are running for the leadership to replace Theresa May as prime minister, that explain their positions on Brexit, the issue that ended her time in office.

Scientists see over 500 species of plants are known to have become extinct in the last 250 years, and the true figure is likely to be far higher. The destruction of natural habitat for farming is one of the main causes.

One person has died after a helicopter crashed onto the roof of a high-rise building in New York. Officials said the incident was not linked to terrorism.

The United Nations has expressed concern over political tensions between Kosovo and Serbia. The U.N special representative in Kosovo called for genuinely engagement and warned the situation could get worse.

The U.N peacekeeping mission in Mali has sent air support to prevent further attacks following a massacre on about 100 villages. Local officials blamed Fulani herders for the attack on the village in the Mopti region, inhabited by 300 people from the Dogon ethnic group.

Brazil’s justice minister Sergio Moro and federal prosecutor have denied allegation of improper conduct, during Mr.Moro’s time as the lead judge in the country’s biggest corruption investigation. A website “The intercept” has published what it says a leaked exchanges from the encrypted messaging platform Telegram, which it claims raise serious questions about his impartiality.

BBC news.

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