BBC news 2019-06-18

BBC news with Julie Candler.

Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi has died after collapsing in a cage in court in Carol . The 67-year old former Muslim brotherhold leader was attending a hearing to announce charges of espionage. He’s been kept in solitary confinement. A Muslim brotherhood spokesman said Mr.Morsi has been denied medical care.

The human rights organization Amnesty international has called for an impartial investigation into Mr.Moris’s death.

The head of the world food program David Beasley says the agency will start to suspend food aid in Yemen, if it doesn’t receive the assurance it needs to deliver assistance. Speaking to the U.S security council , Mr.Beasley said the WFP was unable to act independently in Houthi held areas.

The Sudanese opposition movement has called for nighttime rallies to protest the part what it described as massacre of demonstrators in Khartoum earlier this month. The force of freedom and change called for the new protests to start on Tuesday.

The auction house Sotheby’s has been bought by the French businessman Patrick Drahi. The 3.7 billion dollar deal makes a return to private ownership for Sotheby’s after 71 years as a publicly trade company.

A U.N forecast says the world’s population will increase by two billion people in the next 30 years. The study says the total could reach 9.7 billion in 2050.

Researchers believed the dogs have evolved a small facial muscle which helps they produce sad puppy expression to appeal to humans. British and American scientists say the muscle that enables dogs to raise their inner eyebrow is not presenting in wolfs.

A huge crowds have turned out in Canadian city of Toronto for the victory parade of the Toronto Raptors. Last week they became the first basketball team from outside the United States to win the NBA championship.

BBC news.

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