BBC news 2019-06-25

BBC news.

The White House has placed new sanctions on Iran, targeting for the first time its supreme leader Ali Khamenei. The sanction also hit 8 commanders of Iran’s elite revolutionary guards.

In the UN security council, the United States envoy has again blamed Tehran for recent attacks on commercial tankers in the gulf. The council unanimously condemned the attacks but didn’t apportion blame. In a separate statement, Britain, France and Germany reaffirmed their commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, for which the U.N withdrew a year ago.

The U.N special reporter for Myanmar has expressed fears of a possible cover-up for human rights abuse. In 9 towns in Rakhine and Chin where the Burmese’s military has imposed a blackout of mobile phone data.

The front-runner in the race to become Britain’s next prime minister Boris Johnson has told the BBC he is confident he can broker a new deal with European union. This he said will avoid a hard border in the island of Ireland and crippling tariffs on trade.

A brother of the Senegalese president has resigned from his government post after the BBC named him in connection with fraud allegations linked to nature gas contracts. The BBC reports said the company run by Aliou Sall has received the secret payment of $250,000. Mr.Aliou said he was stepping down of what he turned as “Unfortunately controversy” based on the arm of untruth.

Mexico says that it has deployed nearly 15,000 soldiers as members of the national guard to police its border with United States. The Mexican defense minister also said that the security forces have begun detaining migrants to prevent them crossing to the U.S.

And the United States and Sweden are the latest team to reach the quarter finals of the women’s football world cup. The U.S beats Spain 2:1.

BBC news.

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