BBC news 2019-07-03

BBC news with David Auston.

E.U. heads of government have agreed on their choices for the bloc’s most senior jobs, with Germany’s defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, being proposed to replace Jean-Claude Junker as head of the European Commission. Belgium’s Prime Minister, Charles Michel, has been chosen as head of the European Council.

The Russian defense ministry says 14 sailors have been killed in a fire on a navy submersible vessel. It said the crew members were poisoned by fumes when the blaze broke out on the boat, which was exploring the seabed in the Russian Arctic.

Climate scientists say last week’s record-setting heat wave in France was made at least five times more likely by climate change. They said the all-time high of almost 46 degrees Celsius was four degrees warmer than an equivalent heat wave would have been a century ago.

Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein, one of the wives of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, is in hiding in London and said to be in fear for her life. Sheikh Mohammed himself has posted an angry poem, accusing an unnamed woman of treachery and betrayal.

Demonstrations by Israelis of Ethiopian descent have erupted across Israel, after a teenage member of the community was shot dead by policemen on Sunday. Thousands of protesters have blocked roads with sit-ins and burning tires.

Police in Nigeria have rescued the husband of President Buhari’s niece, after a shootout with a gang that kidnapped him two months ago. Officers raided a building in the northern city of Kano and freed Musa Umar.

Health officials in Bolivia have activated special procedures after the appearance of an unidentified virus. The cursed first case was found in a patient in a hospital northeast of the city of La Paz. Both the patient and the doctor have died.

BBC news.

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