BBC news 2019-07-04

BBC news with Maria Marshall.

The United Nation says there should be an independent investigation into an air strike that killed at least 44 people in a migrant detention center near the Libyan capital Tripoli. The secretary general António Guterres said he was outraged by the attack, which also wounded more than 130 people.

Boeing has promised $100 million in support of the families of the victims of the 737 Max accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia. It said the money will be used for education and living expenses. Both planes crashed shortly after take-off because of problems with sensors. 346 people died.

The autopsy on a Venezuelan naval captain indicated he was tortured to death. A leaked copy showed Rafael Acosta has suffered severe beatings and had been electrocuted while in government’s custody. He was among the people arrested as alleged coup plotters. Two national guard officers have been arrested and charged over the case.

The foreign officer in London has summoned the Chinese ambassador and criticized Beijing for making an acceptable comments about Britain’s Hong Kong policy. A spokesman in Beijing has accused London of supporting the demonstrators in Hong Kong, and said it was fantasizing about colonialism.

Talks have resumed between the military authorities and the main civilian opposition group on who should be the interim government in Sudan. The resumption follows weeks of negotiation with international mediators. The talk was stopped after the brutal crackdown on opposition protests during which more than 100 people were believed to be killed.

All the big U.S share indexes have hit record high in Wednesday’s trading. The rise is in part due to expectations that interest rates will be cut in the near future.

Nearly half of female cadets in the U.S coast guard academy said they were sexually harassed last year. The number of cases are up by a quarter from the previous survey in 2016.

BBC news.

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