BBC news 2019-07-05

BBC news.

Iran has summoned Britain’s ambassador following the seizure of an oil tanker by British marine in the straits of Gibraltar. Tehran says the vessel is Iranian, and the seizure an act of piracy. It was suspected trying to deliver Iranian oil to Syrian in breach of EU’s sanctions.

A new United Nation’s report has accused the Venezuelan government of having a policy of neutralizing its opponents. The documents suggest there are thousands of extra-judicial killings.

There are reports that a possibly vital witness on the downing of a Malaysian airliner in 2014 has been detained in Ukraine. * ‘s daughter and the lawyer both say he’s been smuggled out of territory, held by pro-Russia separatists in the east. He was involved in organizing the rebel’s air defense.

President Trump has been accused of politicizing independence day. The July,4th celebrations are traditionally non-partisan. But Mr.Trump is preparing to stage a military fly-past and display tanks in Washington.

A powerful earthquake has disturbed independence day celebrations in California. It had a magnitude 6.4 and struck the edge of Death valley national park.

A new study says there are enough space around the world to replant trees across an area the size of United States . Researchers say this could reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 25%.

A 3000 year old sculpture of the Egyptian Pharaoh has been sold in auction for some 6 million dollars, despite demands by the Egyptian government for the sale to be stopped.

Evan Mozes Kor, a survivor of the Nazi holocausts and advocate of forgiveness has died at the age of 85. She and her twin sister Miriam were injected with germs in experiments by the notorious doctor Josef Mengele.

BBC news.

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