BBC news 2019-07-06

BBC news with Maria Marshal.

President Trump has threatened to issue an executive order to get the controversial question about citizenship into the 2020 census . Supreme Court has ruled against including the question. Government’s lawyers are looking for new legal grounds for including it.

Washington wants the U.N nuclear watchdog to hold a special meeting to discuss situation in Iran. The country has now enriched more uranium than allowed under the 2015 deal, which the U.S has abandoned.

23 high-profile Venezuelans , among them a judge first arrested ten years ago have been released from prison. The move was welcomed by the U.N, which on Thursday published a highly critical report accusing the Venezuelan government of widespread abuse against the opposition and minority groups.

An influential South African minister has been accused of misleading the parliament and breaking the constitution. Pravin Gordhan, a close ally of president Cyril Ramaphosa said the country’s ethics watchdog has got the facts wrong.

The U.N security council has urged all sides involving the fighting around the Libyan capital Tripoli to de-escalate the conflict and work for a truce. About 1000 people have been killed since a local warlord began an attack on the city in April. 50 of them died in an attack on a migrant detention center this week.

Algeria’s national day has been marked by pro-democracy rallies. Hundreds of people headed to one of the main thoroughfares of the capital, waving flags and chanting slogans against the government. Riot police were unable to stop the demonstrators.

The Mesopotamian city of Babylon has been made world heritage site 30 years after it was first proposed. The city on the river Euphrates was the biggest and most famous in classical antiquity and stood the head of a vast empire. It lies in present day Iraq.

BBC news.

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