BBC news 2019-07-09

BBC news with David Harper.

Donald Trump has announced that he will no longer deal with the U.K’s ambassador in Washington Sir Kim Darroch, following the leaked email written by the diplomat, which criticized the president’s administration. Mr.Trump also attacked the way British prime minister Teresa May handled Brexit, accusing her of ignoring his advice and creating a mess.

A court in Italy has sentenced in absentia 24 former South American officials to life in prison for illegally detaining, torturing and killing hundreds opposition activists in the 1970s and 80s. The trial focuses on crimes involving the military governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. They cooperated undercovered cross-border operations against left-wing activists.

The Pentagon says it has approved the possible sale of U.S weaponry to Taiwan despite Chinese criticism of the proposed 2 billion dollars deal. The weapons include more than 100 Abrams tanks, stinger missiles, mounted machine guns, ammunition and related equipment.

Christian publisher in the United States has warned that the proposed U.S tariffs on Chinese goods will increase the cost of Bibles, and may force them to discontinue some editions entirely. President Trump’s plan to propose 25% tariff on China’s goods will include religious books. China is the world’s largest producer of Bibles.

The U.S capital Washington D.C has been hit by flash floods, after water from slowing moving rain storm washed out roads and inundated subways during the rush hour. Even the White House was affected when water poured into the basement of West Wing.

The Canadian government has announced new measures to protect north-Atlantic right whales in the busy shipping lanes, following the death of 6 of the endangered mammals since the beginning of June. The measures include further reducing ship speed and increase area surveillance.

BBC news.

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