BBC news 2019-07-21

BBC news.

British Airways has suspended all flights to Cairo for a week as a precaution over safety issues. The German airline Lufthansa also abruptly cancelled its flights since Saturday to Cairo, saying passenger safety was its No.1 priority.

NATO has condemned the seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker by Iran on Friday. They called the ship’s capture a clear challenge to international freedom of navigation. In a statement, NATO said it supported British efforts to use dialogue to resolve tensions.

The social network site Twitter has suspended several Iranian media accounts because of harassment against people linked to the Bahai Faith. The Persian language accounts suspended by Twitter include the young journalist club run by the Iranian State broadcaster IRIB and the conservative Mehr news agency.

The first gay pride march in the Polish city Bialystok has come under violent attack from counter-protesters. About 800 LGBT supporters marched through the city. Both they and the police escorting them were pelted with paving stones, bottles and firecrackers by ultranationalists.

The Health Ministry in Costa Rica says 34 people have died after being poisoned drinking alcohol laced with methanol. Officials said they confiscated around 30,000 bottles.

In Japan, polls have opened for elections to parliament’s upper house. The centre-right coalition of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to keep his majority in the house of counsellors where just half of the seats have been contested.

The Russian Soyuz space capsule has successfully docked to the international space station after a fast-track trip, trying to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

BBC News.

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