BBC news 2020-01-09

BBC news with Nick Kelly.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s grandsons prince Harry and his wife Meghan have unexpectedly announced they are stepping back from their role of senior member of British royal family. In a statement on Instagram, the Duchess of Sussex say they intend to become financially independent. Last year, the couple began legal action against British newspaper, complaining relentless propaganda against them.
Donald Trump says he believed Iran is standing down on its military confrontation with United States following missile strikes against U.S military force in Iraq. In a televised address, the president said the attacks caused minimal damage and no US casualties.
Iranian officials say they recovered the flight data recorders of an Ukrainian passenger plane, that crashed off after taking off from Teheran, killing all onboard. But they say they won’t hand them to U.S or the plane’s manufacturer Boeing.
The fugitive businessman Carlos Ghosn have condemned the Japanese legal system in his first public comments since skipping bail last week in Tokyo. Mr.Ghosn told the news conference in Beirut that he has no chance of a fair trial in Japanese on charges of financial misconduct. Japanese prosecutors described the remarks totally unacceptable.
The E. U’s climate monitor said last year was Europe’s hottest ever. It says the worldwide average temperature was only a slightly below 2016, which is the warmest on record.
Washington has imposed financial sanctions on one of South Sudan’s vice President Taban Deng Gai and accused him of arranging the disappearance and death of two people. Mr.Gai has not responded but a presidential spokesman said there is no evidence that government officials were involved in the killings.
And police in Democratic Republic of Congo have ordered all students to leave Kinshasa university, following clashes between police and protestors. Two days of demonstrations are sparked by a sharp increase of tuition fees. Police said the students have 48 hours to vacate the campus.
BBC news

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