BBC news 2020-01-13

BBC news with Jerry Smit.

In Iran, there has been a second day of protest after the country’s leader admitted shooting down a Ukrainian passanger plane, killing more than 170 people. Television footage are showing students refusing to walk on US and Israeli flages as the authorites wanted. But Teheran and Washington have spoken of the need to ease tensions. Both sides are emphasizing the importance of dialogue.

Ethiopia warns South Africa to act as a broker in the dispute it has with Egypt to have plan for a massive dam on the Nile. The Grand Renaissance Dam would generate huge amounts of electricity. But Cairo fears it could jeopardise its water supply.

The memorial services have been held in Haiti to mark the tenth anniversary of the earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people, and left more than a million homeless, as anger at government corruption and failure of many reconstruction projects.

The Hongkong authorities have said to have stoped the head of leading US rights group from entering the country. Kenneth Roth, from Human Rights Watch, was due to present report on Beijing efforts to undermine the international system of human rights.

In Gibraltar , nearly 50 suspected people smugglers have been arrested. The gang is said to have made more than a million dollars by smuggling people from Morocco to Spain and other European countries.

The new Spanish government, the country’s first coalition administration since the 1930s, has promised to work for a stronger economic growth and resolved separatist disputes. The socialist led government took office after months of political deadlock.

Millions of Canadians across Ontario receive cellphone messages on Sunday, saying there been a serious incident at nuclear power station near Toronto. But within an hour, the power station’s operators said the message has been a mistake.

BBC news.

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