BBC news 2020-01-14

BBC news with Nick Kelly.

The French president has said the fight against Islamic militants in Sahara is critical for the future of the region. Speaking after a summit with five western African presidents, Emanuel Marcon said the French operation will now operation under the same umbrella as the regional G5 military mission and promised additional French peacekeepers.

Queen Elizabeth has said she entirely supported her grandson prince Harry’s desire to greet a new life with his wife Meghan and their young son. She said that though the family would prefer them to remain full time royals, they respected their wish for great independence.

French and Germany have put forward proposals that will end the practice of chick shredding across the European union by the end of next year. Currently tens of millions young male chickens commercially unviable because they don’t produce sufficient meat are crushed to death.

Russia says progress has been made at talks in Moscow aimed at cementing a ceasefire in Libya’s conflict. The foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Libya’s U.N-back government has signed a new agreement. But the warlord general Khalifa Haftar wanted more time.

The U.S senator Cory Booker has dropped out of the race to be nominated as the democratic candidate for November’s presidential election. Mr. Booker, an African American has recently criticized the lack of diversity among the democratic nominees.

United States has imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan politicians who last week tried to take over parliament to block the opposition leader Juan Guaidó from taking up his role as speaker. They include Luis Parra, a former ally of Mr.Guaidó.

And a meteorite which fell on Australia in 1969 has been found to be composed as the oldest material ever found on earth. The articles inside the space rock were found more than seven billion years old, three billion years older than our own solar system.

BBC news.

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