BBC news 2020-02-13

BBC news with Nick Kelly.

The World Health Organization says it appears the outbreak of the corona virus Covid-19 has stabilized in China. But the WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the recent reduction in new cases should be treated with extreme caution. He spoke at a research conference in Geneva, where public health officials agreed on a master plan to contain the disease. The U.N health emergency has also extended by three months the global health emergency for the Ebola virus in Democratic republic of Congo.

Italy’s senate has decided that the far-right political Matteo Salvini can be tried on charges of allegedly detaining migrants illegally onboard a coastguard ship last year. The former interior minister said it has been protecting the borders of Italy.

NATO’s defense ministers have agreed to expand the alliance’s training mission in Iraq. NATO’s chief Jens Stoltenberg said this will replace some of the international troops leaving the U.S-led coalition against the Islamic state group.

United Nations has published a list of companies with activities in Israeli settlements deemed illegally under international law. Israel says it was shameful capitulation to anti-Israeli groups. Palestinians hailed it as a victory.

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has accused president Maduro of cowardice after his uncle was detained and reported missing. Juan José Márquez, an airline pilot was at the airport to greet his nephew on the lawmaker’s return after three-week international tour.

The Indian prime minister has urged more Indians to pay tax to fund development projects. Narendra Modi said out of population of 1.3 billion, only 15 million were paying any individual income tax.

And president Macron has spoken out in defense of a French school girl, who is facing death threats after making stridently critical comments about Islam online.

BBC news.

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