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The return of the core of one of Stonehenge’s sarsen blocks. And a flagpole-sitting bobcat makes headlines in Florida.

AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these landmarks is the oldest? Stonehenge, The Coliseum, King Tut`s Tomb, or (inaudible). To visit the oldest monument on this list you`d have to travel to Salisbury Plain, England where you`d find Stonehenge.

Archeologists believe it was built in stages starting around 3,000 B.C. But part of Stonehenge has been missing since 1958 and it wasn`t until this week that its return was announced. Stonehenge was constructed with giant sarsen stones. Sandstone blocks that are common in southern England. In the 1950s` cracks were found in one of the sarsens, so its core was drilled out and metal rods were put in it to keep it standing. But what happened to that core? An employee from the company that helped repair the sarsen held onto it. He put it on the wall of his office. Then the man eventually moved to America bringing the three and a half foot core with him.

The night before he turned 90 years old, he decided to return it to England and the company that maintains the monument says it hopes the core will help them understand more about the prehistoric structure. One thing archeologists and geologists don`t know exactly is where Stonehenge`s stones were mined. There are at least two other cores that were drilled out of Stonehenge in the 1950s` but where those are, like the monument itself remains a mystery.

Back in the 1920s` there was this fad called flagpole sitting. People would literally climb up on flagpoles and then just sit there, sometimes for days or weeks. Well, this happened Thursday morning in Florida. We`re not sure exactly why the bobcat climbed to the top of an electric pole and just sat there but it was near a stretch of road called “Alligator Alley” so maybe he was a scaredy cat. Anyway there`s not really a how to manual on getting a bobcat off a pole but a utility worker came along with a pole of his own and after coaxing the cat a few times, the animal climbed down the same way he climbed up.

Maybe firefighters can coax cats from trees but it`s not “cat and dry” when its “utilities”. It`d be a “futility” to try to simply seize a wild cat like “hes” a pet “Siamese”. It took cat like reflexes and ambition for an animal to claw up to the “pole position” but “meow” that he`s down and safe as a kitten they can “scat cat” you ain`t no “electrician”. I`m Carl Azuz and Fridays are awesome.

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