英 语 试 卷


1. A. I’m Bob.
B. H-U-N-T.
C. Jim.
2. A. Very heavy.
B. I like it.
C. Some sand,I guess.
3. A. My parents.
B. Next week.
C. By bike.
4. A. A toy car.
B. The red one.
C. Very nice.
5. How many days are they staying in Wuhan?
A. 5.
B. 6.
C. 7.
6. Who will go out for a walk in the park?
A. The man.
B. The woman.
C. Both of them.
7. What does the woman want?
A. Orange juice.
B. Milk shake.
C. Apple juice.
8. Who are the two speakers?
A. Husband and wife.
B. Teacher and student.
C. Saleswoman and customer.
9. Whose birthday was it yesterday?
A. Tina’s.
B. Tina’s brother’s.
C. Tina’s sister’s.
10. How is the woman feeling now?
A. Calm.
B. Surprised.
C. Disappointed.
11. How much did the man’s wife pay for her coat?
A. 480 yuan.
B. 240 yuan.
C. 120 yuan.
12. What does the woman mean?
A. She wants a better job.
B. She likes being a secretary.
C. She doesn’t mind a change.
听下面一段对话,回答13至15 三个小题。
13. What are the two speakers mainly talking about?
A. Going hiking.
B. The weather.
C. The man’s sister.
14. How many people at least are going?
A. 3.
B. 4.
C. 5.
15. When will they meet?
A. At 6:30 am.
B. At 7:00 am.
C. At 7:30 am.
16. Where are the two speakers talking?
A. In the hospital.
B. At Betty’s home.
C. On the phone.
17. What happened to Betty?
A. She fell off the bed.
B. She had a car accident.
C. A volleyball hit her.
18. What was the doctor’s advice?
A. To travel by bus.
B. To stay in bed.
C. To take some medicine.
19. Where is Tom going?
A. To the post office.
B. To Helen’s home.
C. To the police station.
20. Why is Helen there?
A. For a holiday.
B. To meet Tom.
C. To visit her school.
21. What can we learn from the conversation?
A. They haven’t changed at all.
B. They were in different classes.
C. They knew each other before.
22. What were the children going to do after their mother died?
A. To leave home with some money.
B. To buy a big farm.
C. To live together.
23. Who sold the fruit?
A. Bob.
B. Alice.
C. Ken.
24. How did the children become rich?
A. By working together.
B. By buying and selling fruit.
C. By making friends in town.
25. What was Judy’s dream?
A. Each child would have a farm.
B. Her children would be kind to each other.
C. Her children could count money on the farm.

1-5 BCABA 6-10 CACCB
11-15 CBAAC 16-20 CBBAA 21-25CABAB

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