沪教牛津版小学六年级上册英语Unit 3 Learn the sounds听力和动画

Module 1 Getting to know each other
.Unit 3 Healthy or unhealthy?

Learn the sounds
p/p/ – pick,map
b/b/ – book,job
t/t/ – tape,fruit
d/d/ – date,bad
k/k/ – kite,work
c/k/ – cook,picture
ck/k/ – back,duck
g/g/ – gate,bag

Listen and circle
1.Look! The bear is dancing.
2.Simon is a very tall man.
3.Look at the map! The park is here.
4.Kate is a thin girl.
5.Mike’s cousin has a pet pig.It’s name is Sam.
6.I made this blue photo frame.
7.This is Sunny’s bag.
8.Please take a seat.

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