沪教牛津版小学六年级上册英语Unit 8 Learn the sounds听力和动画

Module 3 Out and about
.Unit 8 Visiting museums

Learn the sounds
or/ɔː/ – horse,short
al/ɔː/ – hall,fall
ou/ɔː/ – autumn,daughter
oor/ɔː/ – door,floor
o/ɒ/ -office,box,off,wrong
a/ɒ/ – want,what,watch

Listen and circle.
1.Nice photo! We can put it up on the wall.
2.There’s a nice toy shop near my home.
3.The wild geese fly to the north in spring.
4.The floor is wet.
5.Mr. Smith goes to his office at eight o’clock.
6.Her daughter is fifteen years old.
7.Put the doll in the box.
8.Billy Bob is riding a horse.

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