沪教版牛津英语九年级上册Unit 2 Listening录音

上海教育出版社出版广州、深圳、沈阳等地适用初中牛津英语九年级上册(初三第一学期)Module 1 Geniuses Unit 2 Great minds

Listen to a radio programme about three great minds and complete the information cards below. Write one word or figure in each blank.
Welcome to Great Minds. Today we’re going to talk about three famous people in history.
Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879, and died in the US in 1955. He is considered to be the greatest scientist of the 20th century. His theories explain the way the universe works. In many photographs, you can see his smiling face.
William Shakespeare lived about 400 years ago. During his life, he wrote around 39 plays as well as hundreds of poems. He’s the most popular writer in the English language. One of his most famous plays is called Romeo and Juliet.
Confucius lived over 2, 000 years ago in China. He was a teacher and philosopher. He spent much of his life travelling and meeting many different people. He is remembered for his wise sayings. They were written down by his students.

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