沪教版牛津英语九年级上册Unit 5 More practice录音

上海教育出版社出版广州、深圳、沈阳等地适用初中牛津英语九年级上册(初三第一学期)Module 3 Leisure time Unit 5 Action!
More practice

We love the Film Park!

Reporter: What was the best part of your visit, Julia and Roddy?
记者:Julia 和 Roddy,你们觉得在你们的参观中,哪部分是最精彩的?
Julia and Roddy: The tour of the Film Park.
Julia 和 Roddy:电影公园的游览(最精彩)。
Reporter: What did you like most about the Film Park tour?
Julia: The Dinosaur Jungle was my favourite. It was hot and smelt like a real jungle.
– We saw some baby dinosaurs. Then a really big one appeared.
– 我们看到了一些小恐龙,然后出现了一个非常大的。
– Although it was only a model, it looked very real! I almost jumped out of my skin!
– 虽说只是一个模型,但它看起来太真实了!可真把我吓了一大跳!
Roddy: I really liked the Great Wave. It was wonderful.
– Everything was quiet. Then suddenly we saw a huge wave coming towards us.
– 四周一片寂静,然后突然我们看到一个巨大的浪向我们扑过来。
– There was a terrible noise, and the wave seemed to come over the top of us, but we didn’t get wet at all!
– 伴随着可怕的声响,巨浪仿佛没过我们的头顶,但我们一点也没有被淋湿!
– I don’t know how they did it.
– 不知道他们是如何做到的。
Reporter: Did you see any famous stars at the film park?
Roddy: No, we didn’t but we did visit a film set after the tour.
– The crew were shooting a scene showing some students in a school. They needed some more actors for the scene.
– 他们在拍摄一幕一些学生在学校的场景。他们现场需要一些演员。
– To cut a long story short, the director chose me to appear in the film.
– 长话短说,导演选中了我出现在影片中。
Reporter: Oh, really? Did you enjoy working as an actor, Roddy?
Roddy: Yes, I did. It was really interesting.
Reporter: Did you have any difficulty in acting?
Roddy: To be honest, it was a piece of cake!

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