译林牛津版五年级英语下册Unit 3 Story time录音(音频+动画+翻译)

Unit 3 Asking the way
第3单元 问路

Story time 故事时间
Yang Ling wants to visit Su Hai’s new home.
Yang Ling: How do I get to your home, Su Hai?
Su Hai: You can take the metro. You can get on the metro at Park Station and get off at City Library Station. Then, walk to Moon Street. There’s a bookshop on the street. My home is next to it.
Yang Ling: All right.
Yang Ling comes out from City Library Station. She is on Sun Street.She cannot find the bookshop. She asks a policeman for help.
Yang Ling: Excuse me, how do I get to the bookshop on Moon Street?
Policeman: Go along this street. Turn right at the traffic lights. Then, go along Moon Street. You can see the bookshop on your right.
Yang Ling: Thank you.

a cinema 一个电影院
a hospital 一所医院
a shop 一个商店
a zoo 一个动物园
get on 上车
get off 下车
turn right 向右转
turn left 向左转

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