Module 1 Greetings
.Unit 1 Hello! .Unit 1单词
.Unit 2 How are you? .Unit 2单词
Module 2 Introductions
.Unit 3 What’s your name? .Unit 3单词
.Unit 4 This is my dad .Unit 4单词
Module 3 Body
.Unit 5 Wash your face .Unit 5单词
.Unit 6 Touch your head .Unit 6单词
Module 4 Family
.Unit 7 A picture of my family .Unit 7单词
.Unit 8 Who’s that lady? .Unit 8单词
Module 5 Toys
.Unit 9 Is it a cat? .Unit 9单词
.Unit 10 I have a ship .Unit 10单词
Module 6 School things
.Unit 11 Do you have a pencil? .Unit 11单词
.Unit 12 Put it on the desk .Unit 12单词

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