PEP小学英语六年级上册Unit 6 B Read and write听力动画

Unit 6 B Read and write 
Robin and the ant 罗宾和蚂蚁

It is a sunny morning. 早上天很晴。
Robin is going to sit on the grass when he hears, “Wait!” 罗宾正要坐在草坪上的时候听到一个声音:“等一下!”
It is a little ant. He is afraid. “Please don’t sit on me. 是一只小蚂蚁。它很害怕:“别坐到我。
One day I can help you.” 有一天我能帮到你。”
“Don’t worry, little ant. I won’t sit on you,” says Robin. “别担心,小蚂蚁。我不会坐到你的,”罗宾说。
The next day, it is raining. Robin is in the park. 第二天,下雨了。罗宾在公园里。
He is stuck in the mud. He is worried. 他陷进了泥里。他很焦虑。
Then he hears, “Let us help you!” It is the ant and all of his friends. 然后他听到:“让我们来帮你!”是蚂蚁和它所有的朋友。
They are strong. They pull Robin out of the mud. 他们很强大。他们把罗宾拽出了泥巴。
Everyone is happy! 所有人都很开心!
Unit 6 B Tips for pronunciation发音指导
Listen and repeat. 听一听,并跟着读
next day 第二天; 翌日;
can’t go 不能去
count to 数到(…)
don’t be 别(形容词)

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